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The best materials to use when making quilts

When it comes to quilt making, you will be amazed by just how many materials are available to you. If you are a beginner in the art of quilting it can be very overwhelming and confusing to know what you need and where to start. As you advance in quilt making and improve your skills, there is a whole world of materials available to you and various different ways of creating the perfect quilt. At Cookes Quilting, we can offer you starter kits and advise you on everything you will need to start your new hobby.

A basic quilt process will require the following materials to complete;

  • Fabrics – There are hundreds of fabric styles and prints available to buy in all kinds of colours and designs. You will generally need fabric squares as well as fabric borders.
  • Wadding – This is used to place between your layers of quilting material and the quantity and type is entirely up to you. You can buy cotton wadding, polyester wadding or a blend of both. Cotton can be prone to shrinking so if you are planning to wash your quilt on a regular basis then polyester may prove a better wadding style.
  • Bondaweb – A great product to use to seal all your layers together and is easy applied and sealed by ironing.
  • A pattern – Patterns are great for inexperienced quilters as it will guide you and make the process far easier for you.
  • Cotton – You will need to purchase the right amount and colour of cotton to sew your quilt.
  • Rotary cutter – Great to use if you are using your own materials that need to be cut to size.

There are many different types and styles of quilting and as you progress you will find the type of quilting that suits you best. Whether it be rag quilting or patchwork, there are various different types of quilting materials that you can use including;

  • Jelly Rolls
  • Bali Pops
  • Layer Cakes

Many beginners choose to buy themselves a jelly roll as everything is ready cut and prepared but as you progress you may want to make a quilt from personal materials to create a quilt of memories. Whatever materials you choose to use, quilting is a fun and satisfying pastime that can help you to make great personal gifts as well as great additions to your own home.

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