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Size and Ordering Guide

Fabric Size & Ordering Guide

All of the fabrics you can order from us are approximatly 112cm wide and then can be purchased by the different sizes, by the metre, half metre, thin quarter or fat quarter, you can see from the illistrations below for information on the different sizes and there dimensions.

If you do require different cuts of fabric from the sizes shown below, you can combine your order, so for example if you require 3.5 metres of a single fabric, click the metre option on the product and add 3 in the add to cart box (this is then 3 metres), once added go back to the product and select the half metre option and leave 1 in the add to cart box. This would make your total order for that fabric of 3.5 metres.

If you order of a fabric includes a fat quater, this would be cut sepratly, ie if you order one lalf metre and one fat quater, you will recive one half metre piece and one fat quarter piece.

1 Metre

100cm (approx 39 inches) by approx 112cm (approx 44 inches)

1 Metre Fabric

Half Metre

50cm (approx 19 1/2 inches) by approx 112cm (approx 44 inches)

Half Metre Fabric

Thin Quarter

50cm (approx 10 inches) by approx 112cm (approx 44 inches)

Thin Quarter Fabric

Fat Quarter

50cm (approx 19 1/2 inches) by approx 56cm (approx 22 inches)

Fat Quarter Fabric

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