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It Girls Shoes

What girl wouldn't want a shoe collection like this! Outrageous colours and styles and high, high heels!

Each row of shoes is approximately 2" high.

The pattern repeat is 30cm so each piece is a 30cm x 110cm length. Multiple orders will be cut as one length.

This is one of the It Girls collection, click here to see more http://www.cookesquilting.com/fabrics-by-house-collection-5/bernatex-132/diva-133/



Navy and White Stripe

A white fabric patterned with a bold navy blue stripe.

Chocolate with Multicoloured Spots

A chocolate brown fabric patterned with small (approx 1/4") multicoloured spots.

We have other fabrics from this collection, click here to see them, http://www.cookesquilting.com/fabrics-by-house-collection-5/robert-kaufman-142/


Pirate Stripe Red and White

A white fabric patterned with a bold red stripe


Quilters Rose Dusty Pink

A slightly variegated dusty pink fabric subtly patterned with roses in a paler shade

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