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Be Instantly Good with Colour
At shows, when ladies are selecting fabrics, I often hear the phrase, "I'm not good with colours".   Would you like to know the big secret of colour? If it works for you it's the right colour! Don’t stress about colour. Try some fabrics together and look at them. See if any stand out as being
Items a Quilter Should Never Be Without
 505 Spray Baste The first time I heard of 505 adhesive spray for basting quilts I was horrified - " Glue my quilts together?? I don't think so!" However, as I kept hearing from increasingly respected sources that this was the only way to baste a quilt (well, not the only way, obviously, but
Quick Reference Cutting Guide, Squares and Triangles
For a square - add 1/2" to the required finished size. For a half square triangle add 7/8" to the required finished size. For a quarter square triangle add 1 1/4" to the required finished size. EXAMPLES:- If you want to end up with a 4" finished square - cut your pieces at 4 1/2"
Well cut, half made
Rotary cutting has revolutionised patchwork, making it possible to cut and piece accurate blocks. Be absolutely, totally, over-the-top, utterly and completely obsessive about cutting out. Together with a good 1/4" foot on your sewing machine, or by placing an accurate mark on the sewing machine
Habits that can help improve your quilting
Quilting is a tradition that has been in existence for hundreds of years and even now still has a popular following all over the world. If you are a beginner or an amateur quilter then you can find real support and advice from the more experienced quilters out there. There are various tips and habits that
The best materials to use when making quilts
When it comes to quilt making, you will be amazed by just how many materials are available to you. If you are a beginner in the art of quilting it can be very overwhelming and confusing to know what you need and where to start. As you advance in quilt making and improve your skills, there is a whole world of materials
How to create functional and good looking quilts
Quilting is a creative and fun pastime that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. If you are looking to design and make a quilt then you want it to be both functional and beautiful. If you are very experienced then you can choose to sew your quilt by hand but it is far more common to use a sewing machine to achieve
Simple tips to instantly improve your quilts
Quilting is an excellent pastime, loved by many people across the world. Despite having a reputation as being a difficult hobby, there a few simple ideas below which will transform your quilt and keep you having fun. 1. The scant seam Quilt seams are stitched to ¼” but even specific sewing machine
The generation gap: why quilting is so popular with young people
In increasingly hectic lifestyles, the number of young people in their 20s and 30s looking for hobbies offering a change of pace is ever-growing. Quilting has gained widespread popularity in recent years in new demographics, with clients of stores like  Cookes Quilting  no longer entirely based
Latest Fabric Patterns and Materials
At Cookes Quilting, we specialise in providing our customers with the very latest in fabric patterns and materials. We pride ourselves in stocking only the very best in terms of quality fabric patterns and materials that you can create only the most beautiful and long lasting quilts, wall hangings,
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