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Be Instantly Good with Colour

At shows, when ladies are selecting fabrics, I often hear the phrase, "I'm not good with colours".  

Would you like to know the big secret of colour? If it works for you it's the right colour!

Don’t stress about colour. Try some fabrics together and look at them. See if any stand out as being the wrong colour or shade. See what happens if you add a bit of something lighter, or darker. Don’t be afraid to place fabrics together in a combination you’re certain won’t work.  I’ve seen colours I never thought could work together used to such stunning effect on so many occasions I’ve long since given up believing that this colour can’t work with that one. Colour is subjective. There is no right or wrong. It’s your quilt. If you like it, that’s all that matters.

Do try to take swatches with you if you go shopping and want to match up colours.

If you are ordering online remember that we have a no argument returns policy. If you order fabric and it is not quite the right colour, or the pattern's a bit too big, or anything else whatsoever you have fourteen days to return it to us. To see full details of our returns poloicy click here http://www.cookesquilting.com/shippinginfo 

Happy Quilting

Sue Cooke

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